Our Professionals

Our experienced Optometrists and Vision Care Consultants are here to help you find the perfect pair of personalized optical aids which will help to overcome all your eye problems.


We provide ONLY certified and professional optometrists who will assess all clients in our practice, with more than two optometrists in our Optometry clinic.

MATASIGHT Achievement

Malaysia Industry Personalities & Entrepreneur Awards 2022 for

  • Industry Leadership Award 2022 (Optometry Services)
  • Female Entrepreneur Choice Award 2022 (Puan Zuraini Kamaruddinn)

Solution Driven

Our knowledgeable team is here to answer any questions you may have and help you find the perfect pair of glasses. We’re also trained and experienced to help diagnose and select the best vision management for children.

Your Trusted Eye Care Optometrist in Malaysia

Are you seeking a certified professional optometrist who genuinely cares about your vision? Look no further than MATASIGHT! Our team of passionate eye care optometrists is dedicated to offering incredible eye care to our patients and their loved ones. We work to maintain a warm, pleasant, and professional environment where you may acquire comprehensive eye exams, customized treatment plans, and vision correction treatment because we recognize the importance of crystal clearness in your well-being.

Our optometrist uses equipment and tools with the latest technology to ensure our patients get an accurate eye health assessment. We patiently listen to your issues, carefully explain the condition, and consult with the appropriate care plan and treatment, giving you the options to achieve your vision’s goal. Whether you are looking for regular eye exams, contact lens fittings, or eye circumstance management, our team is ready to help you with your eye care in Malaysia.

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Your Complete Eye Care Partner in Malaysia

Finding someone you can trust to care for your eye could be challenging. But at MATASIGHT, you will have the best care possible. 



  • Experienced and Caring Eye Care Optometrist: Our professional and certified optometrists are equipped with the right skills and knowledge, along with the help with latest technology equipment and tools to care for your vision. We are here to build a long-lasting relationship with our patients and offer customized plans that work best for them. 
  • Advanced Technology: At MATASIGHT, we invest in the latest technology for our equipment and tools to give you the most accurate result when examining your eye’s conditions. This will allow our optometrist to get a precise evaluation, giving you the most suitable consultation and treatment. 
  • Comprehensive Eye Care Services: Our team of optometrists is qualified to offer comprehensive eye care services in Malaysia. Whether you’re here for regular eye checks, need a specialized lens to fix your vision problem, or even looking to have laser eye surgery, we’re all hands on deck, ready to serve. 
  • Focus on Patient Education: Our focus on patient education makes us the choice for our loyal patients as their go-to optometry. Our optometrists are always ready to answer your questions, and we take pride in educating our patients with the right care plan and treatment. 
  • Personalized Vision Care: We uphold this philosophy by offering personalized and holistic vision care plans made individually for every patient, giving them the highest level of vision and eye care services they can get.

What makes this different from the rest?

We provide ONLY certified and professional optometrists who will assess all clients in our practice, with more than two optometrists in our Optometry clinic.

We provide a comprehensive eye exam before prescribing glasses, allowing clients to get personalized and custom lenses that specifically fit their eye problem.

We specialize in kids’ eye examinations and prescribing glasses and vision management, as well as other vision therapy assessments in a homey and kid-friendly environment.

We provide contact lens assessment before patients wear contact lenses and offer aftercare services for our contact lens patients.

We provide professional one-to-one guidance for first-time spectacle users, especially for customized lenses such as multifocal, anti-fatigue, myopia control, and others.

We provide advanced myopia management programs for our myopic patients with professional aftercare services to ensure successful results.

The best thing about MATASIGHT, is that WE NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE. We provide special aftercare services either after an eye examination, purchasing prescription glasses or contact lenses, we will always make sure your eyes are at the best VISION it can be!

Elderly care emphasizes the social and personal requirements of senior citizens who need some assistance.
  • Standard / Kids Eye Exam
  • Occupational Eye Exam
  • Diabetic/Glaucoma Screening
  • Binocular Vision Disorder Management & Vision Therapy Program
  • Geriatric Eye Assessment
  • Ortho-keratology Co-management with Ophthalmologist
  • Presbyopia Management / Age-Related Short-Sightedness.
  • Myopia Management in Kids
  • Geriatric Eye Assessment
  • Dry Eye Management
  • Special Contact Lens Prescription
  • Amblyopia (Lazy Eyes) & Nystagmus Management (Moving Eye)
  • Occupational Vision Certification & Safety Eyeglasses Prescription
  • Spectacle/Sunglasses Repair & Services

See what our happy clients say about us

We are open daily, including public holidays, from 10 am to 8 pm to offer our patients, especially parents convenient times to come for an eye exam frequently.

Haslina Harin
“MATASIGHT Optimetry provide very best eyes inspection to me. You gave very personal attention to our queries and concern very highly recommended . Your inspection to solve our issue in professional and also honest advice before we go to the next step as a solution.Tq we will surely come again. And a very good effort, hospitality prepared a customer cup of tea and cake while waiting.TQ”
jaanagi siva perumal
“i was refererd to matasight optometry by a doctor at thompson hospital, the staff was very helpful, patient,we took almost 2 hr to decide on the glasses frame we wanted, the staff was very helpful in finding the right frame.”
Izura Hamid
I had beautiful experiences over here unlike other place ever since I wear glasses like 20y ago-they really do checking on your eyesight and I spent around an hour for it and the treatment too by all friendly assistant were welcoming throughout the process. I also ended up make a new spectacle and bought my daughter a cool pair of sunglasses.

I really recommended this shop and do support our local business ya. All the best!

Your Trusted Eye Care in Malaysia

Are you still looking for trustworthy optometry? Look no further! Our professional and certified optometrists are ready to offer the best vision care and service. Schedule an appointment today with MATASIGHT to get the best eye care in Malaysia!