The MATASIGHT’s Comprehensive Eye Test

MATASIGHT’s comprehensive eye test service is where you can get the best thorough assessment for your eye. We understand the importance of crystalizing your vision and maintaining your visual acuity at its peak performance. Hence, our comprehensive eye test service gives you the utmost care, gathering detailed information about your eye’s health and consulting you on the proper treatment or care plan made just for you.

     Comprehensive Eye Test

    We value your eyesight just as much as you care about them. At MATASIGHT, we use the most advanced technology and our certified and professional optometrists to conduct eye tests. You can expect the best eye care testing and care plan from us. Our test consists of 6 processes, including an overall vision test, cornea, eye muscle function, and internal & external ocular health, and it will end with a consultation session that crafts a personalized care or treatment plan for you. Got some questions? Don’t worry; our professional optometrists are ready to answer you!

    How Often Do You Need to Get an Optometrist Eye Test

    • Children and Teenagers: Youngsters under 18 should get their eye tests every two years if they don’t have any known eye diseases or have little risk of eye diseases in their family history. Having eye check-ups every two years can help parents understand their children’s and teenagers’ eye health. They could consult the optometrist for suitable treatment and solutions if symptoms are detected early.
    • Adults: Adults aged 18 to 60 with no vision problems should get the vision test every two to three years. However, if you are wearing glasses or have the risk of vision problems due to a family history, you should be getting the optometrist eye test Those who have known vision treatment and are undergoing treatment or post-treatment should consult their optometrist about the frequency of check-ups recommended.
    • Senior Citizens: People over 60 are more prone to developing age-related eye conditions, such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. So, it’s recommended that you get your eye check-up annually to maintain your eyesight. Your optometrist can help you monitor your eye conditions and consult for any condition for treatment and care plan if needed.

    Benefits of Comprehensive Eye Test

    • Early Detection of Eye Conditions: A comprehensive eye test can help you identify any conditions affecting your vision and detect them early enough to get suitable treatment or a consultation from a professional optometrist.
    • Accurate Assessment of Vision Needs: Your brain works so well that it can adapt to make you think your eyesight is well, even if you’re experiencing vision problems. With professional devices and tests done by an optometrist, you will accurately know the condition and needs of your vision.
    • Monitoring and Preserving Eye Health: Routine eye tests can help you monitor changes in your eye condition and preserve your eye health. Even if minor symptoms occur, your optometrist will consult you with a care plan.

    Maintaining Your Clear Vision with MATASIGHT

    Get your optometrist eye test to understand your eye’s health. Schedule an appointment with MATASIGHT today!