Contact Lens User

We oblige all clients to attend follow-up sessions at MATASIGHT Optometry after using contact lenses according to the period given by our optometrist. Our professional optometrist wants to monitor your condition of eye health after using the contact lenses prescribed. We want to ensure that there will be no complications after wearing contact lenses and to ensure that they practice the correct way of wearing them.

Personalized and Custom Lens User

For first-time multifocal lens and antifatigue lens users, optometrists will guide the client to use these customized glasses in everyday life. For example, wearing multifocal glasses when walking, climbing stairs, reading, stepping on gutters, driving, etc. MATASIGHT Optometry will also ensure these personalized and custom users are able to adapt to their glasses within two weeks. If within two weeks the client is still unable to adapt to their new glasses, we will provide intensive consultation sessions to help them accommodate their new glasses.

Myopia Control Management User

For children who use special myopia control lenses, the optometrist will schedule an appointment for a follow-up examination either after the first month or the first six months of wearing glasses according to the optometrist’s diagnosis and the kid’s eye condition.
High power spectacles user
Kids who are using spectacles for the first time will need to attend a follow-up session after a month of using glasses to make sure their vision has improved with the prescribed lens.

Dry eyes follow up

If during the first examination of the client with MATASIGHT it is found that the client has a dry eye problem, the optometrist will prescribe artificial tears and advise specific eye care management to overcome the dry eye problem. The client will also be given an appointment date approximately two weeks after the first day of using artificial tears to review the eye health condition. This is to ensure that eye care measures and prescription artificial tears help dry eye health problems.


Our Vision Care Consultant will remind you about a yearly eye check-up and other current eye health problems you are having. Our optometrist firmly stands that everyone should have their eyes checked at least once a year for kids, adults, and the elderly.