What Is The Best Option For Myopia Control?

Myopia (or nearsightedness) is a vision problem in which a person cannot see objects placed at a short distance. Some cases can become so serious that they cannot even read anything at arm’s length. It usually starts when young, and the condition develops as we age. This eyesight problem is among the fastest growing worldwide. According to research done by the National Institutes of Health, more than 50% of the world’s population could suffer from myopia by 2050. 

If left unaddressed, myopia can worsen over time, making immediate treatment and an eye care plan extremely important, especially for children, to prevent the condition from worsening. You should always consult your medical practitioner or myopia control optometrist for the appropriate remedies and treatment. 

However, knowing about the available Myopia control options before you visit your optometrist can help you better understand. Let’s take a look at what options are available!

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) Lenses

Ortho-K lenses are a good and reliable treatment for controlling Myopia. The best thing about these lenses is that they are designed to reshape the cornea and slow the progress of this eye problem.

Atropine Eye Drops

Another effective treatment for this eye problem is the use of Atropine eye drops. These drops can help the eye relax while focusing, automatically making the patient feel comfortable.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

If your child has high Myopia, nothing is better than using multifocal contact lenses. These lenses will help them see nearly placed or distant objects without using different glasses.

Improve Lifestyle Of Your Kids

Instead of the above treatments, you can also help your kids improve their daily routines to control myopia. Here are some tips to improve their lifestyle and their vision.

  • It would help if you asked them to go out and play in the sunlight. It will help them get natural air and light, which will help their eyes improve focus and relax.
  • It is good to limit your child’s myopia time by reducing their use of mobile phones, laptops, etc. This technique might improve your kids’ vision.
  • Ask your kids to get the correct posture while reading books, working on the computer, and doing other tasks. It will help their eyes to be relaxed and focus properly.

Is Myopia Control Optometrist Needed?

So, these are some of the standard solutions for controlling myopia. As we always say, you should consult a medical professional or your myopia control optometrist for the more suitable solutions that work best for you. If you need more help, talk to our certified optometrist at MATASIGHT about your myopia condition. We can help you or your little one with a comprehensive eye examination to quickly pinpoint the eye’s condition and offer the proper solutions to address the problem. Schedule an appointment with our myopia control optometrist today!

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